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Managed WordPress Hosting

Peak WordPress Hosting for Brands

Our managed WordPress hosting service is built for speed and reliability, but it’s our support that sets us apart. All too often, hosting companies struggle balance reliability, uptime, and customer support, resulting in site errors, downtime, and vulnerabilities. We don’t just host your site. We serve as your “sherpa”, doing all the heavy lifting and providing the underpinnings you need to succeed.
What Makes Us Different?

Managed Hosting Overview

Our web hosting packages go well above the typical shared/managed hosting solution. We offer a truly comprehensive array of services,  at a competitive price, and complete with peak infrastructure and customer support 

Global CDN

We include a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with our managed hosting service. CDN's make your site appear to load faster placing copies of your site files on servers around the world.

SSL & Domain Renewal

Get a free SSL certificate with your hosting package. Google won't show your site without one. Optionally, we'll also handle the cost of your domain renewal. How's that for great service?

Free Migration

We have tons of WordPress migrations under our belts. We offer “white glove” services with zero downtime. Many hosts offer free migrations that are actually self-guided. Our team does all the heavy lifting.

Daily Cloud Backups

We take daily backups of your site. At your request, we can restore (or export) any backups within the past 30 days. Hourly backups are available for clients with more frequent site changes.

Phenomenal Support

Our hosting clients deserve great support & clear communication (with no geek speak). As leaders in WordPress support, that’s always been our specialty. Our support is a cornerstone of our managed hosting service.

Analytics & GTM

We're here to help you lay a solid technical foundation for your website marketing efforts. Part of this involves is installing Google Analytics & Tag Manager: 2 powerful tools for monitoring & tracking your website’s success.

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You Deserve Peak Performance

Our managed hosting services are specially packaged to include everything you need from a technical standpoint, including our peak customer support.