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WordPress Site Speed Services

We'll Get Your Website Loading in 3 Seconds or Less

User experience has increased as a focus for Google. According to them, a website should load in three seconds or less. Any longer and visitors start to lose interest. Page performance is also a ranking factor used by search engines including Google. Therefore, the faster your site, the more likely you’ll land a coveted spot at the top of the SERPs.
Increase Speed. Guaranteed.

What You Receive With Our Site Speed Service

3 Seconds or Less

When you purchase our service, you're hiring a team who's been working on WordPress speed improvments for past 5 years. And if we can’t deliver the expected results (3 seconds or better), you get your money back!

PageSpeed Scores

In addition to your site loading in less than 3 seconds, we will make your site achieve Google PageSpeed Scores of Mobile PageSpeed Score of at least 80 and Desktop PageSpeed Score of at least 90!

Our Guarantee

If we can't achieve a less than 3 second loading time and Google PageSpeed Score of 80 & 90 for Mobile and Desktop (respectively), you'll be refunded 100% of your fees paid to Site Sherpas.

Easy & Streamlined Process

The process is easy. We make a copy of your site and place it on our servers. We make all the necessary changes and test. We furnish Google PageSpeed and GT Metrix reports to show improvements (these can be checked by you as well). We post the optimized site onto your server.

Site Access

We can access your site to make a copy or we can instruct you how to do the same.


We do our magic (not on your live site). We provide a checklist of all activities we perform.


We run our tests on 3rd party tools: Google PageSpeed and GT Metrix. We provide the same access so you can run your own test.


You can now enjoy all the benefits of having a fast loading site!

Transparent & One-Time Pricing

We’ll get your site to load in 3 seconds or less AND with Google PageSpeed Scores of 80 for Mobile and 90 for Desktop…or you don’t pay us anything!


One-time Fee