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SEO Stuck in Second Gear?

In the SEO world, results matter. Many SEO vendors sell the service wrapped in a monthly fee, typically over a 12 month period. This a big mistake, as most SEO work is front-loaded and needs to be done in 90-day sprints. To gauge your current strategy’s effectiveness, our team of SEO experts will review and analyze your website to provide an actionable list of high-payoff items that WILL improve your site’s visibility, rankings, and traffic.

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Why You Need (and what is) an SEO Audit?

Your website is literally your digital storefront. But websites often have struggles with search engine visibility due to so a number of factors – slow site speed, poorly structured code, illogical site content, and other technical issues that make the site seen as irrelevant to search engine spiders, and thusly buried (essentially invisible) in page 2 or lower of the search results.

Over the years, you may have engaged various SEO vendors that have completed some work. But you see little to no results from this work. That’s because they’ve missed many of the  technical issues have caused poor rankings and visibility.

Our SEO audit is comprised of a best-practices process of evaluating your website based on four essential pillars of SEO: Technical, On-page, Content, and Back-linking.  Our audits provide a clear, prioritized, and actionable outline of the fixes and changes necessary to improve your visibility in the search engines, resulting in better quality organic traffic, leads, and sales.

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Core Web Vitals are crucial set of factors that Google considers when assessing a website’s user experience. The CWV report provides a score across three criteria. Site speed is also a crucial SEO ranking factor. Watch the video to the right to lean more.

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The Site Sherpas SEO Audit Process

Our approach is about effort vs. reward. We focus our efforts on those items with (1) the highest probability of achievement and (2) the highest payoff (ROI). These items are the factors that will yield the most impactful results for your website. We don’t prioritize tasks that won’t deliver significant changes in your visibility.

Below is a breakdown of our SEO process and parts of the audit: 

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The technical portion of our SEO Audit covers a 125 point checklist of technical aspects of a website. Our ultimate goal is to ensure there’s not an unimpeded path for search engines to successfully crawl your site. By evaluating the different technical aspects of your site, we can discover those areas that may be negatively impacting your SEO.

What's Analyzed:

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During the On-Page portion of our SEO audit, we go beyond “titles & metas” and scour the site to discover areas for improvement. The improvements consist of optimal page alignment/theming from vis-a-vis keyword focus, copy density, title/meta tags, image file naming, image alt text, interlinking, and schema/rich snippets.

What's Analyzed:

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The Backlinking portion of our SEO audit is structured to assess the quality of the external backlinks pointing to your site. This began as a major factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and remains one to this day. The quality (based on a domain’s authority score, known as “DA”), of links pointing to your website and the ratio of links to/from websites to yours is very important. We evaluate the health of your link profile, paying close attention to EAT (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) of websites linking to yours. The more high-quality links that you gain, the better your site can rank. We also look at low EAT links (aka spammy/toxic) links that can negatively impact your rankings. 

What's Analyzed:

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Once we’ve completed our SEO Audit, we’ll send over our findings and answer any questions you may have.

What Your Receive:

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