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Emergency Help Services

In the throes
of a WordPress worry?

Most don’t realize it until they fall victim to it: very seldom to web agencies/freelancers tell you about the need for WordPress site upkeep. And after many versions of plugins, core WordPress updates, or theme updates go un-updated, your site gets hosed and is down. We are here to help. Contact us today to get your site remediated and back up!

How We Can Help

Emergency WordPress Help Services

Info Gathering

You've determined you have an issue but you're not sure what. You've taken the right step to contact us! We'll get on the issue and a fix asap.

Report Findings

We'll rerport what the issue is with your site and what's required to fix it. Most times, we can have your site back up within hours.

Put in the Fix

After getting the necessary credentials, we'll login to your site (and/or host) and make the fix. We'll explain what happened & also make a backup copy for you.

Future Proof

We'll put measures in place to mitigate future occurrences. We'll also recommend you get on one of our Site Care Plans to be 100% sure. 🙂

Fatal Errors

Fatal errors typically happen when a portion of WordPress software (i.e., a plugin, theme, or WordPress core) is conflicting with software due to the incompatibility of version updates. We can sort this all out and typically within a few hours.

Restore Your Site

If your WordPress website has become compromised by a site hack or is being malformed due to a wayward WordPress update, we can backup and restore your site quickly and hassle-free.

Thwart DDoS Attacks

If your site become the target of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, we can help. These attacks can cause significant downtime, which in turn, can result in damaging revenue loss. We can help you get through this…as well as set you up to mitigate future DDoS attacks.

Regain Site Access

There are a few reasons why you just might find yourself staring at a white screen and unable to access to your site – hackers, the WordPress white screen of death, or even past developers. We’ll help you regain control of your site and ensure you never lose control of it ever again.

Hack & Malware Fixes

If you’ve been hacked or have malware that’s caused your site to crash or not load properly, we can help. We’ll identify & remove hack spam, SQL injections, malicious redirects, cross-site scripting (XSS) coding, and much more. We can also close any backdoors into your site to prevent future hacks.

Say Adios to Your WordPress Woes

Contact us today to get emergency WordPress help.