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Digital Marketing

More Leads. More Sales. A Better ROI.

We offer dynamic & versatile digital marketing services that focus heavily on desired client outcome, whether that be driving more leads, increased store traffic, or selling more products via a website, channel, or platform. We are radically transparent with our clients, relying heavily on our data analytics and reporting expertise. Site Sherpas has the experience and the right team members to build custom websites, landing pages optimized for conversion, and the right campaign mix/strategy to help your company exceed its goals.

Digital Marketing Services

PPC Management

Whether your site is lead-gen or if you have an e-commerce site, our ppc marketing services will get you to the peak of performance. We monitor campaigns multiple times per week and optimize based on a best practices playbook developed over 15 years of working with major brands on the client and agency. We know the platforms extensively and the proper way to calibrate your campaigns to ensure the best ROI.

As a Google Ads and Facebook Ads certified partner, we’ll manage your campaigns and budget, track ad performance, identify the most advantageous keywords, and help you exceed your traffic and ROI goals. Contact us for a free audit of your current Google Ads account or vendor managing your Ads account.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is effectively in many ways, still in the “Wild West” phase of digital marketing. There are countless individuals & companies that bill themselves as SEO experts. It’s important to choose a company that will scope out your SEO engagement properly and fairly. We have extensive experience analyzing sites and the competitive landscape to determine the proper SEO plan (based on the 4 pillars of SEO). Our playbook consistently delivers impressive results for our SEO clients, ultimately driving higher quality traffic to their sites from organic searches. Contact us for a free 30 minute call to review your site.

Social Media Marketing

As social media usage continues to permeate our culture, knowing how to best market on social media has become critical for the success of any business the sells products online. Our social media marketing services are specifically geared towards brands with an e-commerce business model. With strategies specifically tailored for each client, our social media marketing services will help you further build brand awareness and generate more sales for your online store. Contact us today for a free audit of your FB/IG marketing and/or vendor currently managing your accounts.

Shopping Platforms

A properly executed multichannel strategy ensures increased revenues at the optimal ROI. Our product feed management services optimize, list, and propagate your product data out to dozens of advertising channels. Whether your site in WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or SalesForce Commerce Cloud, our team can optimize and distribute your product feeds to the best channel for your business, achieving the best ROI.

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